Over the last 28 years hundreds of customers in over 24 countries have chosen Mainpac asset management solutions to improve asset performance and optimise maintenance investment.

As part of Mainpac’s commitment to the ongoing development of asset management best practices, Mainpac has a collaborative, research and development relationship with the The Asset Institute. The Asset Institute is headquartered at Queensland’s University of Technology and involves six other Australian universities as well as a range of industry partners and asset management practitioners.

Mainpac provides training and post-sale support services, as well as professional consultancy services to our customers. Through our solutions and service delivery we have forged close and trusting relationships with our long term enterprise customers.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our customers’ requirements, and our track record of service delivery.

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Asset Management Software

Mainpac EAM is the most advanced system of it’s type available. It’s easy to use, quick to configure and full of tools to streamline your asset management practices.

Mainpac EAM drives down the costs and risks of managing your assets, it improves Return on Assets and boosts business productivity and is also built to integrate seamlessly with ERP and key operational systems for greater workflow automation.

Asset Intelligence

Mainpac Asset Intelligence enables organisations to draw insights from different data sources, thereby enriching decision-making in a shortened time frame. The four Mainpac AI modules can draw information from Mainpac EAM or other operational applications to provide detailed predictive analytics. Mainpac Asset Intelligence connects day-to-day operational metrics with corporate strategy and performance.

Professional Services

Built on 28 years experience, Mainpac Services can assist you to:

  • Lower your costs by improving your maintenance practices
  • Drive Return on Assets with continuous improvement
  • Empower your maintenance team with easy-to-use tools