Fixed Asset Management Software Improves Asset Utilization

Managing fixed assets is something that becomes more challenging as the company grows, and this becomes even more apparent in the mining business. It becomes even more challenging if the assets that need to be monitored aren’t just in one site, but across several others.

In the realm of asset management, accuracy and reliability are the two most important qualities management software should have. Its ability to grow and scale with the company, however, is equally important as it determines how well the software adapts to changes and determines how efficient it is as a management tool.

Mainpac’s fixed asset management software offers you a comprehensive tool to manage your equipment. Our software goes beyond simply tracking and improving the maintenance functionality of your industry’s fixed assets. In the mining and manufacturing industry, our tool also allows you to create more effective maintenance strategies while simultaneously reducing equipment costs, as well as improving compliance and achieving greater returns from your fixed assets.

Our software also has a high degree of scalability, which allows it to adapt across different sites. It even performs well with entities that have different structures from the main site.

Perhaps the biggest draw to our fixed asset management software is its ease of use. Our software has a depth of functionality and configurability, and unlike competing systems, we use Microsoft platforms and ordinary browsers. This makes our software less costly to maintain, but in no way does it affect tracking and management capability.

When it comes to fixed asset management, what your industry needs is a specialised and adaptable tool that does more than just track assets. To learn more about our fixed asset management software, click here.