With growth in demand for energy in emerging economies showing no sign of slowing and renewables taking the place of more traditional energy sources in developed economies, operators face a mix of demand side and cost challenges. While these drivers are different, effective asset management plays a big part in addressing the needs of power generators.

Utilities Asset Management Solution

At the same time, operators are also grappling with a range of other challenges. Ageing infrastructure and workforce and geographically dispersed plant require an increased focus on asset management.

Meanwhile, increasing regulatory, corporate, safety and environmental compliancy demands the collection of data from disparate and complex systems for analysis to support business decisions.

Power Generators with challenges in balancing operational requirements with the capability, age and condition profile of their plant may look to may look to ISO 55000 as a framework for developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Mainpac’s Industry Solutions are used by energy companies to ensure their infrastructures are able to meet these diverse challenges. Our utilities asset management software is a good addition to your collection of innovative tools that optimise business processes, provide the data you need and help you make informed decisions. You can better manage and maintain your assets if you know what’s happening and what you need to do. You have the problems; we have the solutions.

Benefits delivered include improved asset availability, reliability and productive output, reduced cost through periodic maintenance optimisation and improved resource efficiency through use of predictive maintenance approach.

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