Fleet Asset Management Solutions

Proper maintenance of fleet resources is an important task for any business. As a vital tool in the provision of services to clients, a fleet must be in operation and utilised as efficiently as possible at all times.

Fleet Asset Management Solutions

Mainpac recognises the need for an effective tool that will keep commercial vehicles on the road. Our fleet asset management software is an ideal investment, as it helps you make informed decisions when it comes to your vehicles. Start enjoying the benefits of well-managed fleet assets today. Talk to us and we will show you how.

Whether it’s the mining sector, a bus company, a logistics firm or a waste management operator, fleet assets only make money when they are working. Unexpected breakdowns and time in the workshop is lost production time. Our fleet maintenance software allows you to better manage and address all these concerns, while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

Fleet operators facing decisions on whether to own or operate assets and when to replace, renew and dispose of assets, to align the asset portfolio with medium to long term demand, may look to may look to ISO 55000 as a framework for developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Mainpac’s Industry Solutions are used by fleet operators around the world to manage extensive asset portfolios with diverse operational, age and condition profiles.

Benefits delivered include improved asset utilisation and service quality, reduction in major component failure/cost, improved efficiency in fuel and tyre usage and reduction in commercial risk through improved insight into medium to long term asset portfolio performance, cost and risk.

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