Across the globe, manufacturing companies operate in fast-paced, process-driven environments. The need to fulfil customer orders while also responding to changing market demands means company assets must operate at maximum efficiency and output at all times.

Key assets can range from plant and machinery within factories to supply infrastructure, development labs, warehouses and delivery vehicles.  Any components that are not being used to their maximum potential can have a significant negative impact on the corporate bottom line.

Companies must also meet the strict compliance and safety requirements set by regulatory and statutory bodies.  The appropriate processes and systems provide confidence that compliance requirements are being met and ensure appropriate records can be provided in the event of an incident.

Large manufacturing organisations which face decisions on which sites to modernise, refurbish, divest or run to decommission across a diverse portfolio, to align portfolio with medium to long term demand, may look to ISO 55000 as a framework for developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Mainpac’s Industry Solutions help ensure production runs smoothly and efficiently at all times, costs are minimised and assets achieve their economic life. Delivered benefits include improved equipment productive availability, minimisation of unplanned downtime, improved maintenance effectiveness and resource efficiency and improved insight into medium to long term asset portfolio performance, risk and cost.

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