Mining companies face evolving challenges as they move from initial exploration and investment planning activities to construction, extraction and resource delivery.

Mining Asset Management System Drives Down Costs

In countries such as Australia, the industry’s focus is shifting from a period of large-scale investment to one of efficiency maximisation and cost reduction. During this latter phase, effective asset management becomes vital to drive cost reduction and ensure profits are maximised.

Because of the large scale of most mining projects, investments in plant and machinery represent large amounts of capital.  Ensuring that capital is earning the highest possible rate of return is a key goal for management and a primary expectation for shareholders.

Mining organisations facing decisions on whether to own or operate assets and when to replace, refurbish and dispose of assets, to align the asset portfolio with medium to long term demand, may look to may look to ISO 55000 as a framework for developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Mainpac’s Industry Solutions are used by mining and resource companies around the world to manage extensive asset portfolio’s with diverse operational, age and condition profiles.

Benefits delivered include improved asset utilisation and productive throughput, reduction in major component failure/cost, improved efficiency in fuel and tyre usage and reduction in commercial risk through improved insight into medium to long term asset portfolio performance, cost and risk. Additional benefits include a more defined and more accurate resource planning tool, real-time maintenance budgeting, and the ability to reduce unplanned stoppages and reduce operational risks.

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