Mainpac EAM

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As our flagship software solution, Mainpac EAM has unparalleled capabilities to take your asset management plan to new levels. A best-of-breed solution with a core set of functionalities and optional modules; we give you intuitive programs to cover your organisation’s unique requirements, no matter how demanding they may be.

Mainpac EAM OnDemand

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Mainpac EAM OnDemand is a comprehensive and easy-to-use online system offering a full suite of Enterprise Asset Management capabilities. It features the winning benefits of our premier EAM software along with the convenience and cost-effectiveness you can expect from SaaS.

Asset Intelligence

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Mainpac Asset Intelligence allows you to get invaluable insights from a variety of sources to help you make sound decisions in a relatively short time frame. This solution has four modules that can gather key data from Mainpac EAM and other applications for predictive and detailed analytics. It enables you to connect corporate strategy and performance with everyday operational metrics.

Mainpac Mobility

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An optional module, Mainpac Mobility extends the capabilities of our premier EAM software to your workers in the field. With the aid of user-friendly tablets, this solution boosts your staff productivity, improves the reliability of your assets and promotes better decision-making. Even without a connection to the server, Mainpac Advanced Mobility allows your in-field staff to continue working using the client server within the device. The moment your workers are back in wireless network’s range, the system synchronises with the main server, downloads the finished work and uploads the new one.


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