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with Intelligent Asset Management

In a highly competitive business world, effective asset management is critical for long-term success. This approach enables organisations to drive efficiencies to reduce costs, and improve service quality and throughput without comprising short-medium term performance and long term risk.

Today’s industries demand better strategies and tools to overcome challenges and ensure a clear path to success. Managing physical assets effectively is necessary to achieve your business goals. You have to be sure your resources can meet the growing demand of your operation and industry.

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Case Studies

Mainpac case study – RCA

Mainpac EAM OnDemand asset management service helps Victorian retirement villages achieve accreditation Mainpac EAM OnDemand is playing a pivotal role in helping the owner and

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Industry Solutions

Process Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies operate in fast-paced, process-driven environments. The need to fulfil customer orders while also responding to changing market demands, means assets must operate at maximum efficiency and output at all times.

Mining Asset

Mining companies face evolving challenges as they move from initial exploration and investment planning activities to construction, extraction and resource delivery.

Ports and Terminal Asset Management

As key elements within global supply chains, ports and terminals provide an important service to a wide range of organisations. Tasked with transferring everything from raw materials to finished goods, their availability, throughput and reliability is vital for the health of national economies.

Utilities Asset Management

With growth in demand for energy in emerging economies showing no sign of slowing – and renewables taking the place of more traditional energy sources in developed economies – operators face a mix of demand and cost challenges. While these drivers are different, effective asset management plays a big part in addressing the needs of power generators.

Public Asset Management

Effective facilities management requires visibility across the portfolio; control over maintenance, compliance and refurbishment plans and insight into the service level’s utilisation, condition and costs.

Fleet Asset Management

Proper maintenance of fleet resources is an important and complex task for any business. As a vital tool in the provision of services to clients, a fleet must be in operation and utilised as efficiently as possible – at all times