4 Ways to boost performance and productivity with an EAM system in 2019

From shipping and ports to the mining industry, to manufacturing to energy and utilities, every asset-intensive organisation faces their own unique set of challenges when it comes to improving operational performance and productivity against the available manpower, materials, energy, infrastructure and finance. Mainpac as a leading provider of EAM software streamlines every aspect of enterprise asset management with their robust scalable solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Here are 4 ways asset-intensive organisations can capitalise on the Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management Software for fast, efficient and effective operations in 2019 and beyond:

Improve asset performance and decrease downtime

Prioritising asset maintenance and repairs based on the risk of failure and criticality helps organisations better allocate resources and schedule work. Mainpac EAM software automates predictive and preventive maintenance based on equipment run times and risk by monitoring asset condition and identifying required components. This enables organisations to maintain those assets which would have the highest impact in case of failure, keeping operations up and running even within financial constraints. When most important assets are maintained on priority, it increases their efficiency and extends their service life.

Improve asset repair and maintenance operations

Scheduling maintenance and repair starts with analysing asset condition and monitoring inventory levels in real-time. By using Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management Software, organisations can stay on top of maintenance schedules and accordingly adjust stock to free up capital for more important operations. It provides real-time access to crucial information via mobile devices so field technicians stay efficient and updated on maintenance processes, lead times and parts inventory. This boosts productivity, eliminates unnecessary costs, saves both staff time and asset downtime.

Improve WHS practices to minimise workplace accidents and injuries

Efficient work health and safety practices start with ensuring field managers have access to crucial asset information in real-time, especially when out on the field. When field managers have access to asset assessment and monitoring they can ensure stringent adherence to safe practices. They can complete their pre-start checklists before receiving a work order and avoid any injuries and accidents. This checklist must include a thorough inspection prior to starting work, ensuring the availability of replacement components and the provision of monitoring credentials. Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management Software puts every pivotal piece of information in a centralised platform so that on-site maintenance crew can implement the best safety practices when any hazards arise.

Improve decision making with real-time data

Field managers can experience significant setbacks in productivity when they do not have real-time visibility over asset maintenance schedules. Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management Software enables real-time planning and tracking of maintenance while driving instant collaboration in the one place, and facilitating informed decision making. With Mainpac EAM software, field managers are able to identify issues before they become major problems and remove the delays and disruptions caused due to unavailability of required components or manpower.

How can Mainpac help your business in 2019?

Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management Software is designed to facilitate the implementation of the ISO 55000 framework to ensure best practices are being followed for all types of infrastructure assets across their lifecycle and regardless of their location or their industry. Mainpac delivers benefits to customers including ensuring production runs smoothly and efficiently at all times, costs are minimized, and assets achieve their economic life through proactive and predictable maintenance. All achieved while customers meeting strict compliance and safety requirements as set by regulatory and statutory bodies. Contact us to see how we can assist to boost your business performance and productivity in 2019.