As key elements within global supply chains, ports and terminals provide an important service to a wide range of organisations. Tasked with transferring everything from raw materials to finished goods, their availability, throughput and reliability is vital for the health of national economies.

Port and terminal operators must ensure their equipment and facilities can operate effectively around the clock. Any delays or breakdowns have serious knock-on effects for transportation companies and their clients.

Large port operators with challenges in balancing operational requirements with the capability, age and condition profile of their critical operational assets, such as quay cranes, may look to may look to ISO 55000 as a framework for developing a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Mainpac’s Industry Solutions are used by port and terminal operators around the world to proactively manage port and landside assets. These assets range from high availability critical assets such as ship to shore cranes to support infrastructure including fuel tanks.

Benefits delivered include improved asset utilisation and productive throughput, reduced critical equipment failure rates/cost, reduction in breakdown maintenance on non-critical assets and improved insight into medium to long term asset portfolio performance, cost and risk.