As key elements within global supply chains, ports and terminals provide an important service to a wide range of organisations. Tasked with transferring everything from raw materials to finished goods, their availability, throughput and reliability is vital for the health of national economies.

Use Mainpac to keep your Assets performing.

  • Improve asset utilisation
  • Increase productive throughput
  • Reduce critical equipment failure rates and cost.
  • Improve safety and regulatory compliance
  • Gain insight into asset portfolio performance

Mainpac’s Industry Solutions are used by port and terminal operators around the world to proactively manage port and landside assets.  As ship sizes increase, so does the need for larger and further purchases of equipment, requiring a strong Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Using Mainpac solutions, Ports and Terminal companies achieve improvements in the availability of equipment, reliability, transparency, and communications.  By gaining more control over their assets, and integrating advanced analytics,  predictions and guidance for operational planning become more reliable.

Mainpac Asset Intelligence (AI) allows Ports and Terminals to access, and make available real-time information to carriers, shippers, and their partners on land. 

Develop your Strategic Asset Management Plan to make decisions in balancing operational requirements with the capability, age and condition profile of critical operational assets, using the ISO 55000 framework.